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2015 Spring Walking Field Trial Photos

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There was a realtively small turnout for the CNMBC Spring Walking Field Trial held Saturday, April 4, 2015. The trial went forward due to the hard work of CNMBC First Vice President and Treasurer Bill Bradford to meet the desires of those entered. Many thanks to Pam and Jason Chavez for providing yeomen's efforts in making the trial run smoothly, from bird planting to preparing meals. The photos show the judges, owners and handlers enjoying themselves under the warm sunshine and manageble winds near Bernardo, NM. Additionally, there are a series of photos of Denise Soon microchipping Cooper, a Brittany owned by Craig Rucker of Dallas, TX. This is a service provided by Denise for dogs and their owners attending CNMBC events. Again, we encourage other CNMBC members to step up and volunteer to assist with our club's events. With your help CNMBC just may be able to conduct a Hunt Test soon.

(Photos by Tom Mauter)













Icelandic visitors, Christine and Hawk, with Terry Chanler (center)





First, Denise checks Copper to verify that he is not microchipped.


Denise outfits Copper with a soft muzzle.
Denise selects the area for injecting the microchip.

In a matter of seonds Denise inserts the microchip under Copper's skin.
Dinese confirms the microchip is properly located under Copper's skin.
Looking fine, Craig Rucker's Copper is now protected with an identifying microchip.
The job is finished when the paper work is completed ready to send to AKC.

Contact us if we can provide any information about Brittanys. Better yet, take your dog's lead and join the CNMBC - your Brittany will thank you! We look forward to you becoming part of our CNMBC family.