CNMBC Membership Application

Membership participation in CNMBC events is key to the success of our events and of the club as a whole.
We have two types of membership available for one, two or three years before renewing:
organe ball  Active Member (Voting) $50.00 for one year; $100.00 for two years; or $150.00 for three years - With your paid membership you receive an automatic membership in the American Brittany Club and you receive the monthly American Brittany Club magazine. You are eligible to vote for board of directors, nominate, and run for an elective office.
organe ball Associate Member (Non-voting) $5.00 for one year; $10.00 for two years; $15.00 for three years - Open to any family member or significant other of an active member.

Print form, fill-in information and mail with check to address below

Mailing Address:
City:                                                                                          State:               Zip Code:
Phone:(_____)_____________________                          Fax:(_____)________________
Names of Other Members:
Number of Brittanys:_____   Brittanys Names:
Interests: (Check all that apply)
   ___ Agility      ___ Breed Shows  ___ Field Trials   ___ Breeding  ___ Pet
   ___ Fun Trial  ___ Hunt Test        ___ Obedience   ___ Social      ___ Other
(Check as applicable)
I (___am) (___am not) an active member of the American Brittany Club.
This is a (___)new (___) renewal CNMBC membership.

I agree to support the CNMBC Mission, to participate in club activities, volunteer in support of the club, and to promote cooperation and friendship among my fellow Brittany owners.

_____________________________________________                   ______________
(Applicant Signature)                                                                     (Date)

Applying For:
Active Member ____ (number @ $50, $100 or $150)  Associate Member ____ (number @ $5, $10, or $15) Total Submitted: $ ______

Make check payable to: CNMBC
Send check with application form to: Bill Bradford, CNMBC Membership, 90 Camino Redondo, Placitas, NM 87043-9007

Updated January 10, 2016

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