Take Your Dog's Lead and Join CNMBC

CNMBC Membership Application

Membership participation in CNMBC events is key to the success of our events and of the club as a whole.

We have two types of membership available for one, two or three years before renewing:

  Active Member (Voting) $30.00 for one year; $60.00 for two years; or $90.00 for three years - With your paid membership you receive an automatic membership in the American Brittany Club and you receive the monthly American Brittany Club magazine. You are eligible to vote for board of directors, nominate, and run for an elective office.
  Associate Member (Non-voting) $3.00 for one year; $6.00 for two years; $9.00 for thre years - Open to any family member or significant other of an active member.

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