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Providing more events for members and their Brittanys
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CNMBC members train their dogs on birds and offer training guidance to other members and their Brittanys many weekends on the West Mesa.
To participate in this club sponsored activity please contact Bill Bradford 505-867-1181 or via email

CNMBC members also host Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinics for their dogs. These clinics are also open to all dogs, pure breed or mixed breeds.
Clinics are conducted on a spring weekend with Saturday clinics held on the West Mesa and Sunday clinics held in Eldorado near Santa Fe.

Bill Taylor and Max 01 Bill Taylor and Max 02 Bill Taylor and Max 03

"Since joining I have really taken advantage of the free training sessions being preformed out on the west mesa.  Bill Bradford, John and Gail have provided great advice and assistance and have even helped me get started with a few pigeons to train with. It is great to have someone to help you train your dog when you introduce it to birds.  It allows you to steady the dog and the helper can flush and recover the birds while you focus on the dog and training." - Bill Taylor, CNMBC member pictured on the West Mesa training with his Brittany, Max.

Photos by Bill Bradford

Bill Bradford training one of his Brittanys on birds in the West Mesa

Bill releases Brittany On the hunt on point
Bill Bradford releases his Brittany
On the hunt
On point (note the red twine in the bush . . . attached to a quail)
Bill "flushes" the quail Bill un-tethers the quail
Bill"flushes" the quail with Brittany holding point
Bill un-tethers the quail while Brittany holds her ground
Bill releases quail Steady to wing
Bill releases the quail with Brittany locked on bird
Steady to wing

CNMBS Members Training on the West Mesa - Photos by Gail Tunberg

Portait shot of Jenny on point
Bill with Kiley on point
Bill with Jessie on point and Jenny honoring
Portait shot of Jenny on point
Bill with Kylie on point
John with Jenny on bird with Duke (horse)  
John with Jenny on bird with Duke (horse)

Mid-September, 2009 Training on the West Mesa - Photos by Gail Tunberg

Good Gril
Heel and Hold
Jenny - Almost There
Good Girl!
Heel and Hold
Jenny's Almost There
Jenny Gives
Jenny Grabs Dummy
Jigs and Gail
Jenny "Gives"
Jenny Grabs Dummy
Jigs and Gail
John Throws Dummy John  Sends Jenny
Returning to John
Returning to John
Rex on Point
John Throws Dummy While Jenny Stays
John Sends Jenny
Rex on Point