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December 2016 Party Photos

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Providing more events for members and their Brittanys
than any ABC Club in the Southwest
Photos taken Dec.3rd at the home of Gail & John Tunberg
Corrales, NM

CNMBC annually holds a holiday party, sprinkled with a bit of business meeting stuff, to gather and celebrate the season,
the works we have accomplished this year, looking to the future, and the enjoying the commoradity of Brittany aficionados.

Thanks to Gail and John Tunberg for hosting this year's event!

Party Spread
John Tunberg, CNMBC president and co-host, calls the festivities to order!
Portion of the potluck plates - yummy!
Brittany eats
Bill and Jenny
Vicki Northington, Elaine and Bill Bradford with Jenny
A party-point by Jenny looking for Bill's attention
Harlan and Dan
Judy, ?, and Denise
Action at the table, CNMBC style, with Darwin Hackard and Dan Briand
Judy Booth, Annette Ackerman, and Denise Soon enjoying fab holiday fare
Elaine and Jiggs
Cathy Briand, Sarah Sherk, Darwin Hackard, Dan Briand & John Tunberg traingulating the potluck spread.
Elaine Bradford with Jiggs on a sit-clutch stay (ntocie matching head alignments.)
Elaine and Jiggs
Elaine and Jiggs
Jiggs focused on Elaine Bradford with heads aligned.
Jiggs pleading his case to Elaine Bradford - it worked as shortly he was in her lap!
Jiggs and Jemny with Vicki Northington
Denise and puppy
Jenny (r) with Jiggs (l) honoring for the attention of Vicki Northington
Denise Soon with Braeling Down By Glenkinnon "Kinnon", one of her Cardigan Welsh Corgi pups,