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Brittany Rescue Success Stories

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CNMBC Brittany Rescue Success Stories

In pursuiting our goal of rescuing every Brittany in New Mexico and preventing Brittanys from being put down, CNMBC works with our members and mulitple rescue resources. The CNMBC does takes pride in matching rescued Brittanys with owners and new forever homes. Here are some of our recent success stories.

Gracie and Nutmeg (Meg) were adopted as a pair making this rescue placement a bit more challenging. Gracie and Meg came into rescue separately, from different places, about 1 1/2 years apart. The hard part was getting Gracie placed, since she was over 6 years, and had some unexplained medical issues when we first got her. These health issues took several months to clear up. She was quiet and just did not show herself well to adopters.

Here are photos of Gracie and Meg enjoying their new loving home in Santa Fe. Seems now the only thing they need help with is improving their "selfie skills!"

Gracie and Meg


Gracie and MegGracie and Meg

Gracie and MegGracie and Meg

Frosty, AKA Jack Frost, AKA Jackson was found almost frozen to death last winter in the East Mountains. Frosty has recovered thanks to the actions of our Brittany Rescue volunteers and veterinarian services funded by CNMBC through fund rasining efforts and donations throughout the year. These photos show a health Frosty who has cleary warmed up to his new home.
Frosty Frosty

American Brittany Rescue, Pet Finders and Adopt-a-Pet

orange ballClick on the Petfinders link to see information about our rescue program, and to see listings of our available dogs.

orange ballClick on the American Brittany Rescue link for an adoption application, as well as more detailed information about Brittany rescue, the Senior Program, success stories, and much more.

orange ballWe also post our dogs on Adopt-a-Pet.com.

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Brittany referral questions:


  • What color are you looking for:
    • orange & white
    • liver & white
    • orange roan
    • liver roan
  • What age range are you looking for?
    • Under 6 Months old
    • Under 1 year old
    • 1-8 years old
    • Over 8 years old
  • What sex puppy or dog are you looking for
    • Male
    • Female
    • Either
  • Have you or family members owned a Brittany in the past?
  • What interests you about owning a Brittany?
  • Do you plan on spay /neuter?
  • Are you considering a rescue Brittany?
  • Are you/your family members considering joining a local AKC Brittany club?


  • Will the pup/dog be alone while family at work or school?
  • How many hours will it be alone a day?
  • Where will it stay when left alone: housedog, crate, yard, etc.?


  • Where do you live - location and type of neighborhood?
  • Do you have a baby? If so, how old?
  • Do you have young children? If so, how old?
  • Is there a fenced yard where the dog will live? If so what type of fencing and what is its height?
  • Do you have other dogs, cats or other pets or critters?


  • What are you planning to do with your Brittany
    • pet and companion
    • hunting
    • therapy
    • competition
      • show
      • field
      • obedience
      • rally
      • agility
      • other
  • What amount of time do you/your family have for exercising your high-energy Brittany?
  • In what type of environment will you regularly run your Brittany off lead? ex. – back yard, dog parks, woodlands, farm fields, meadows, desert, shoreline, hill/mountain terrain. Will there be other dogs present?
  • How will your family members be involved with your Brittany?
  • Do you plan to jog with your Brittany on a leash?
  • Which family member(s) will be participating in obedience classes?
  • What amount of time do you/your family have for daily training your Brittany to meet its requirement for mental stimulation?
  • What time do you/your family have for weekly grooming of your Brittany?