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CNMBC Provides Micro chipping and Tattooing
Identification Services to Members and Non -Members
One of the major missions of CNMBC is to prevent any Brittany from being euthanized in our state. A significant part of our efforts involved providing permanent identification to assist in the successful recovery and placement of missing dogs.

On a national level the American Humane Association states that only about 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats ever find their owners. Nearly 20 million pets are euthanized each year because their owners cannot be located.

If your pet is identifiable by being micro chipped or tattooed, there is a much greater chance that it will return to you safely. 
CNMBC provides low cost, high quality identification for dogs, cats and other small pets – tattooing and micro chipping.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes tattoo as a legal identifier. The tattoo procedure, applied with an electric tattoo pen, is painless and requires only 3-5 minutes to complete. Three people are required to tattoo the dog - two people to hold the dog still and one to tattoo the dog. The tattoo is the inside hind leg with AKC number. An AKC tattoo normally has two letters, then 6 digits and a two digit trailer, e.g., HM 010101-01 or HM 010101/01 or HM 010101

Pet tattoo kit

The American Kennel Club (AKC) will help locate the owner if the dog is tattooed with the AKC number: (800) 252-7894. Tattoos while subject to fading typically can be read throughout the dog’s life.

CNMBC requests a one week notice and weekends are preferred. Dog must be six months of age or older for the full AKC tattoo number.

Puppies six weeks or older can be safely tattooed in the ear with a maximum of four characters. This is a temporary identification until the dog reaches six months of age. This is recommended with litters of pups for exact identification.

CNMBC has nearly a quarter century experience in tattooing dogs of all types, AKC registered or not.

$10 per dog with ID number and $15 for two dogs with id numbers.
$1 per pup – tattoo in the ear and are limited to no more than four characters.

Micro chipping
For the past four years, CNMBC has providing micro chipping for club members’ and non-club members’ dogs and other pets.
The micro chip is complete with AKC chip registration (nine digit ID) which is automatically included in the AKC CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) registry. This is a legal identifier for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals.

This program maintains a national database and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When your lost pet is found, they will be scanned, the number will be called into the AKC-CAR (1-800-252-7894, FAX 1-010-233-1290, e-mail: and you will be notified immediately.


A microchip provides permanent identification. When you register, you provide information to the AKC-CAR - your contact information, your veterinarian‘s information and an alternate contact. The program personnel will call the other numbers if you cannot be reached. Remember to contact the AKC-CAR if you any of the above information changes. AKC_CAR Logo

The micro chip is injected with a syringe-type needed under the skin between the shoulder blades. This is a one-time injection if done properly. Chips have an anti-migration cap to prevent the chip from moving around and possibly becoming loose. This procedure is simple, routine, and painless, and it doesn't require any anesthesia. Your pet simply gets an injection just under the loose skin between the shoulder blades similar to getting vaccinated. Most animals don't react at all. Long term studies have shown that the microchip is very safe for your pets.

The system works! More than 1 ½ million pets are enrolled in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery. Recent statistics report that 126,034 lost pets have been reunited with their owners thanks to this program which has a 100% success rate. Every found pet in this system has been identified.

Micro chipping for CNMBC members is $15 per dog; for non-members is $25 per dog.
Micro chips are $10 per puppy (5-7 weeks of age) for breeders of Brittanys before they are sold for both CNMBC members and non-members.

Request Micro Chipping or Tattooing

Micro chipping and tattooing by request and are available at some CNMBC field events if requests merit.

Please call at least a week before the CNMBC event or to arrange a time to provide a requested ID service.

Call Denise Soon at 505-247-8267  or e-mail:

All proceeds go to CNMBC’s Brittany rescue costs including transportations, rehabilitation, medical and veterinarian expenses, food and micro chipping all rescue Brittanys.