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Fall Hunt Test Photos

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Providing more events for members and their Brittanys
than any ABC Club in the Southwest
Photos from Fall CNMBC Hunt Test October 24, 2009
Marcial, NM

CNMBC joins with The Yucca GSP Club of Albuquerque

to conduct four AKC Hunt Tests over a two day weekend.

CNMBC Event This Way
Early morning strategy
This way to the CNMBC event
Coffee, doughnuts and conversation - are part of planning for the day's events.
Kim and Marco
What's written here?
Liz and Marco prepare for the CNMBC Hunt Tests- Cheyenne Wind Dancer - John Cross
Marco asks the question: What do you see written here? (answer below)
First JH leg
Ollie with another qualifying score
Kevin proudly displays Journey's first qualifying leg towards a JH Title
Tom displays another qualifying JH ribbon for Ollie
Judge Jerry Hogan and Janet
Paperwork side of a Hunt Test
AKC Judge Jerry Hogan (Skyline Brittany Club member) and Janet gear up for Junior Hunt Test
Marco working on the paperwork side of a Hunt TestJH Title
Horse drink up for work ahead
YGSHPC Members
Bird planter and horses prepare for work ahead
Yucca club members involved in early morning HT logistics
John and Jenny
Gordon Setter pups
John with a more-than-ready Jenny
Bill (r) is introduced to young Gordon Setters
Gordon pups Brown Headed Cow Bird?
Gordon Setter pups taking in their first Hunt Test
Brown-Headed Cowbird?
Advanced HT team
Master HT team heads to the line
Max and Bill
Ticked Britt
Max pleads his case to go with Bill to find those birds
Ticked Brittany
Am I next?
Checking out brace sheets
Am I next?
Checking out brace sheets
Heading to the line
HT gathering
Mark and Axle head to the Senior HT line
Orange is always a popular color at a CNMBC event
First time with birds
HT gunners
Gordon pups introduced to birds for first time
Easy to see which pup is birdy
One dipped, one to go
Easy to see which pup is birdy
One German Wirehaired Pointer dipped, one to go for upcoming brace
Up you go!
You want me to do what?
Up you go!
You want me to do what?
Got to admire those balancing skills
Woops, there goes my back leg.
I don't think so.
Woops, there goes my back leg!
almost in
have it your way
Almost in.
Okay, have it your way.
Gathering before breakaway
Sophie gets sprayed
Gathering before breakaway.
Janet sprays Sophie in preparation for JH brace
Sophie and Janet
Sophie's ready!
Sophie and Janet looking for third JH qaulifying score
Sophie's ready!
Al ready to run.
Watching dogs heading to the breakaway line
Heading to the line with purpose.
HT veteran
YGSHPC Silent Auction
Hunt Test veteran
YGSPC silent auction has a bidder
Silent Auction closing
Read this
Silent auction closes and winning bids are tallied
Marco makes his point!