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Field Trials Photos

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Providing more events for members and their Brittanys
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Photos from Fall CNMBC Field Trail October 3-4, 2009
Held West of Bernardo, NM

Ribbons Awards for Walking Field Trial Oct. 4, 2009
FT Award
FT Award
Amateur Walking Derby Third Place - Brushbuster's Wild Turbo - Frank Wald
Open Walking Debry Puppy Third Place - Huntheim's Keep the Faith - Ray Parham and family
FT Award
FT Award
Open Walking All Age First Place - Cheyenne Wind Dancer - John Cross
Open Walking Derby First Place - Huntheim's Shotgun Izzy - Ray Parham and family
FT Awards
Amateur Walking Derby First Place - Windy Hill Sass Kylie - William Bradford Second Place - MasonRidge's Ajax Rebel - Guy Shelander

CNMBC Field Trial Scenes from Sunday October 4, 2009
Beautiful day for a FT
Oh to be at the breakaway
Beautiful day for a Field Trial
Oh to be at the break away!
Gail and John Tunbert judging
Open Gun Dog Judges Gail (l) and John Tunberg
2 Britts breakaway
Two Brittanys break in Open Gun Dog Brace
and they are off
And they are off
in a cloud of dust
In a cloud of dust and full speed ahead
birdies here we come
Birdies here we come!
Handlers and judges
Handlers on horseback move out followed by judges
One orange among five liver pups.
Boy do I feel like the odd pup out!
Three roan liver pups
Eight week old Liver Roan Brittany puppies
Seven week old pup
Seven week old Orange and White pup
I'm ready!
Birds to be planted
Off to plant more birds.
Listen! Is someone calling my name?
Judges scoring
Waiting for release command
Judges complete brace scoring sheets
Mark at breakaway waiting for judges' release command
1st FT?
Not a good ride
Is this your first Field Trial?
Opps, running a bit too far gets a ride back.
Three orange pups
I'm ready!
Three eight week old Orange and White Brittany puppies.
I'm ready!
Ready to run
Lean and musclar hunting machine
Ready to run.
Lean and musclar hunting machine
8 week old Liver pupEight week Live Roan pup
Tired but not done
Eight week old Liver pup (left) and on the right an eight week old Liver Roan pup
Tired but still ready
Two sleepy pups
Sitting but not wanting to stay
Field Trials are hard work
Sitting but not wanting to stay
Where's my handler?
Resting Brittany
Where's my handler?
Orange and white Brittany
Alert Brittany
I'm young but I can hunt!
Is my brace next?
Orange Roan Brittany
Liver Brittany
Young Orange Roan Brittany
Looking into the sun.
Field Trials are hard work
Judges with vista
Field Trials are hard work!
Beautiful Bernardo, New Mexico
On tie-out
On stake-out.
Water wagon crowd
Three ready to go
Liver Brittany and Pointer waiting for horse to finish drinking before their brace.
When is our turn?
Three ready to goWind and Liver Brittany
Don't forget me!
We're ready to roll! ------------------------------------------------------------------ So am I!
Don't forget me!
Liver Brittany Ben and friend
Pointers and Weimaraner
Look into my eyes . . . and let's hunt! --------------------------------------------------------------------Oh Ben please let's hunt!
German Shorthair Pointers, Pointer and Weimaraner
Orange and white Brittany
On a down but oh so alert!
Don't forget me over here.
Hard day's work
Time out
Ready to go home Please release us
Pups ready for ride home --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please just pull this latchdown!
Brittany ready to jump
Air borne Brittany
Bill commands Kylie to load up
Airborne Kylie
Ready to go home
A fun day of Field Trialing for Kylie and Bill comes to an end.

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